We offer:

Drywall repairs - Damaged drywall must be properly repaired prior to re-finishing. Depending on the size of the damaged area, drywall can be cut out and replaced or a mesh patch can be used by our Alaska drywall specialists.

Taping - We offer all levels of taping. From Level 1 known as fire taping (typically found in garages or above finished ceilings) to Level 5, smooth wall.

Texturing – There are many types of texturing. Most commonly used are orange peel and knock-downs. We can also texture patches to match as closely as possible.

Interior painting – Brush and roll or spray methods are utilized depending on the project. We can address any surface that needs or requires painting; drywall, ferrous metals, galvanized metals, woods and plastics. All of these surfaces require different types of paint for a proper application. Let our Alaska painting professionals sort out what goes where.

Exterior painting – From homes to multi-story buildings, our experienced Alaska painters can paint any exterior. Our fleet of equipment allows us to reach heights up to 80 feet.

Wall Covering – Residential or commercial wall covering services are available. Proper application of wall covering as well as proper wall preparation will help keep your new wall covering from peeling and curling.

Log and Cedar Restoration – Our harsh and extreme weather can quickly take a toll on logs and cedar. Regular maintenance will decrease costly repairs later on. Log homes and cedar sided homes require special care during restoration. Logs can rot if not coated properly and repair or replacement could be cost prohibitive. Cedar requires coating every five to seven years depending on UV exposure.

Log Chinking – Prior to log restoration, we can chink or re-chink your log home using “Perma-Chink”. Re-chinking can help to reduce your heating bill as well as protect from potential rotting.

Wood Siding and Fence Restoration – Like logs, all wood can deteriorate due to weathering, water damage or continual contact with soils. It is far less expensive to lock these elements out with proper coatings than it is to replace them.

Pressure washing – At a minimum, we pressure wash all exterior surfaces prior to re-coating. This is the most effective method for removing dirt and debris. De-greasers and cleaners can be applied for more stubborn areas. If you just need a wash, we can take care of that for you even if you don’t need painting.

Sand Blasting – When scraping a surface just won’t achieve the results you are looking for, sand blasting can remove debris and coatings down to the bare substrate.

Fluid-applied Floor Coating – Garages, warehouses, hangars and any floor where protective floor coating is desired can be applied. Protect your floor from wear, damage, and chemicals.

Epoxies, Polyurethanes and Other Specialty Coatings – If you have a special situation that requires a higher level of durability, consider an epoxy or polyurethane coating. While traditional products are still commonly used, these types of products are now available in water based formulas for a smaller carbon foot-print and less odor during application.
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